Finances shouldn’t get in the way of getting addiction help. While rehab insurance coverage is certainly an option for treatment, First Step Center also has alternative financial partnerships to ensure that everyone has access to rehab. For over 19 years, M-Lend Financial has specialized in patient financing.

Common Obstacles to Seeking Addiction Treatmentstethoscope lays on american money from m lend financial

There are many reasons why people delay or forgo seeking painkiller addiction treatment. Maybe they’re embarrassed about the stigma of addiction, or how people will see them in a less than flattering light. Maybe they feel as though they don’t have the time to step away from their busy lives to get help. Perhaps they feel as though they don’t have an issue in the first place.

While all of these are common fears about seeking help, a good amount of the time it comes down to finances. Attending a drug rehab center in Arizona—or anywhere, really—can be quite expensive out of pocket. However, instead of having to drain savings accounts, sell assets, or borrow money from loved ones, there are alternatives.

While health insurance does cover drug rehab, each policy is a little different. While just about every policy will cover some costs, you may still be left with money to pay out of pocket. That’s where M-Lend Financial can help. 

Who Is M-Lend Financial?

M-Lend Financial works with various doctors, clinics, hospitals, and drug rehab centers nationwide servicing both the organization and the client. Their business model is based on rapidly acquired financing through contracts held with the major credit card companies, including Mastercard and Visa. 

Qualifying clients will automatically receive interest-free financing for at least 12 months through these credit cards. Unlike other “same as cash” programs, M-Lend Financial does not require clients to pay off the entire balance within the 0% period. They also don’t “back charge” accrued interest, which can be upwards of 20%. Instead, they charge interest on a go-forward basis on the remaining balance only, which typically runs from 11–19%.

M-Lend Financial also provides fixed interest installment loans for various credit tiers with terms to 84 months and $100,000. 

Don’t Let Finances Stop You From Getting Help

Located in Scottsdale, AZ, First Step Center is here to help men and women find the courage to get sober. Whether you go through M-Lend Financial to finance your addiction treatment or use your insurance coverage, you’ll gain access to multiple levels of care, including:

Take the first step toward a new and fulfilling life. Call First Step Center today at 866.832.6398.