a man wondering do i need dual diagnosis treatment

Do I Need Dual Diagnosis Treatment?

When dealing with addiction there are often underlying issues behind the cause of the addiction. Rarely does a connection with alcohol or a controlled substance develop and remain without another issue at play. Despite this many individuals do not receive the appropriate diagnosis of this secondary issue. Known as a dual diagnosis, it is essential…

a group of people showing what is experiential therapy

What Is Experiential Therapy?

When you’ve made the decision to seek out drug or alcohol addiction treatment, you probably don’t imagine yourself enjoying the outdoors to spending time on horseback. Yet, these types of experiences can change your outlook and provide you with the support you need for one of the most intense times of your life. What is experiential…

a person explaining how does cranial electrotherapy work

Does Cranial Electrotherapy Work?

It’s not hard to question a treatment option like this. Does cranial electrotherapy work really? If you are suffering from substance abuse or mental health disorders, advanced and innovative care, including this, can help to change your life and provide new opportunities for recovery to you. This treatment option may work for you. What Is Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation?…

a person explaining to their friends what is a residential treatment center

What is a Residential Treatment Center?

When you need substance abuse treatment or mental health help, there are several ways to get the support you’re looking for. By choosing the proper residential treatment center, you can get the right programs and services. That can help you succeed in your recovery. Talking to us at First Step Center can help you answer the…