Outpatient rehab center in Arizona provides treatment to patients struggling with addiction. Joining our intensive outpatient program Scottsdale AZ is the first step to ensuring you overcome drug and substance addiction. Our services ensure that one does not disconnect from employment or education. Furthermore, we ensure the individual obtains long time sobriety through specialized therapies, such as an intensive outpatient program in Scottsdale AZ.

Treatment Process

A Scottsdale AZ outpatient rehab center offers treatment services meant to treat a variety of disorders that require intensive care during the detoxification process. We endeavor to provide effective outpatient programs to individuals seeking treatment. The program enables the patients to participate in their daily activities while at the same time, reach recovery and assume back their healthy lives.

a father hugs his son because he is happy he is getting help at an outpatient rehab programThe outpatient rehab center offers daily support professionally to people seeking individual treatment sessions, group therapy, and constant monitoring of their addiction treatment progress. The Intensive outpatient program Scottsdale AZ requires the patient to attend to the treatment for a minimum of 4-5 hours daily. The schedule of attendance is flexible to accommodate people with work and education engagements. Our qualified clinical therapists are available throughout the day.

Attending an Outpatient Rehab Center 

Outpatient addiction treatment center offers support to people seeking to maintain their daily routine by ensuring minimal or no changes that could affect their work or education. However, to maintain long-term sobriety, making necessary changes occur to their lifestyles to accommodate their treatment.

In addition, Scottsdale AZ outpatient rehab center engages their clients in a well-structured treatment that only need a few hours of treatment in a day. The treatment strategy is effective and ensures the relapse of the addiction do not occur. The procedure is done five days every week until the patient gains more stability and regains sobriety. As the patient continues to respond positively to treatment, the number of days to attend the executive rehab center reduces. The attendance is, however, determined by the clinical therapists who assess the treatment response and advice accordingly.

Services offered 

At Scottsdale AZ outpatient rehab center, we focus on preventing the relapse of substance addiction. To help patients overcome temptations that trigger substance abuse behavior, we apply a variety of mechanisms. Some of the therapies used include:

We offer education classes to enable the individual to identify triggers that can lead to substance abuse behavior and build better-coping strategies. Our treatment facility focuses on providing the best treatment and accommodates the needs of the patient until behavioral health restores.

In addition, services are tailor-made to suit business people at an outpatient rehab center, and one can attend the facility and leave to attend to his/her business. Counseling is also offered to support the individual in overcoming their addiction. Call us today at 866.832.6398 for assistance. Our ready specialists are ready to listen to you and walk you through the recovery journey.