In a society that praises emotional fortitude, one of the most challenging aspects of life can be admitting the need for help. Seeking and accepting help can feel difficult because of the pressures put on us to shoulder our struggles. But the truth is, even the strongest among us break. When this happens, individual therapy can be a beneficial first step toward getting well.

What is Individual Therapy?

individual therapy program individual therapy for addiction first step centerAlso referred to as counseling, psychotherapy, or talk therapy, individual therapy is a type of therapy where a person works one-on-one with a trained therapist. Through a series of meetings, a therapist guides the individual through an exploration of feelings, thoughts, beliefs, past scenarios, and behaviors, in order to work toward psychological, emotional, and physical change.

Setting personal goals and finding release from past emotions or memories is a huge leap toward affecting desired changed. Throughout therapy sessions, individuals can also gain deeper insight into their own identity and how their circumstances and inherent personality characteristics have shaped them.

What to Expect in Individual Therapy

The first thing you can expect when meeting with a therapist is filling out general diagnostic sheets that will ask you questions regarding your emotional and psychological status. These forms are generally brief.

After completing the form, you will then meet with the therapist. Depending on how you feel about going, the degree of your willingness to explore tender places with honesty will shape the initial meeting and those thereafter.

The first meeting can feel like it swerves all over the place, which is normal. Therapy sessions should not feel scripted. One of the advantages of talk therapy is the power of free association.

After the first meeting, the therapist will recommend what’s best for the individual. Further therapy sessions are not always suggested. Depending on individual circumstances, a therapist may suggest an individual to seek further assistance from a psychiatrist, rehabilitation center, or other types of therapy.

Individual Therapy and Drug Rehab

In addition to offering individual therapy, First Step Center of Arizona provides individualized care for each client at its inpatient residential treatment center. With only 10 beds, our clientele benefits from receiving a personalized program tailored to meet specified needs.

We offer programs and therapies like:

First Step Center also offers:

If you or a loved one is in need of help, you need not wait any longer to take a step toward positive change. To find out more about individual therapy or addiction treatment at First Step Center, don’t wait any longer to get the help you need. Call us now at 866.832.6398.