Because addiction is a complex disorder, recovery requires multifaceted approaches to therapeutic methods. We all carry unique traits and circumstances that require specific needs. In order to best meet these needs, First Step Center provides an extensive range of addiction therapy services. Alternative methods of therapy offer clients diverse remedies and tools for effective expression and communication in order to gain deeper insight and ensure long-term sobriety.

Beyond Talk Therapy

In general, talk therapy uses psychoanalysis and communication to identify and resolve issues. While talk therapy remains a key element in all successful treatment programs, today’s clients need modern alternatives to addiction therapy services.

women learning about addiction therapy services

Some individuals may find speaking about deeply personal issues anxiety provoking. Due to a fear of judgement caused by a high experience of shame, many individuals avoid receiving information from anyone who seems threatening. And, if a client doesn’t feel comfortable sharing, they won’t benefit from the therapy sessions.

At First Step Center, our staff of addiction specialists recognizes that there are many ways to help a client overcome his addiction.

Addiction Therapy Services at First Step Center of Scottsdale, Arizona

By attending treatment with First Step Center of Arizona, clients receive a therapy treatment program specifically designed for them. First Step Center programs include:

Individual TherapyIndividual therapy sessions allow individuals to connect with an addiction trained therapist who will assist in helping them identify the root causes of their addiction, along with determining the most effective strategies to sustain sobriety.

Group Therapy – Group sessions allow individuals to interact with their peers in a constructive and positive environment. As they develop relationships, bound by the principles of healing and redemption, clients can also benefit from one another’s histories and experiences.

12 Step Program – a 12 Step program is a faith-based program that follows a set of guiding principles first outlined by Alcoholics Anonymous in order to help people overcome addiction, compulsion, or other behavioral problems. Through working the 12 steps, clients learn how to let go and surrender to a higher power. Learn about the 12 Steps to determine how this program can provide you with the resources for success.

Experiential TherapyExperiential therapy is a technique that uses expressive tools as an alternative method in order to allow clients to release and explore negative emotions or experiences. Some of these expressive methods include art, movement, role-play, music, animal care, guided imagery, and more. The fundamental idea of experiential therapy is when clients are able to release negative emotions, they allow space to experience positive emotions such as love and forgiveness.

Dialectical behavioral therapy – While some people benefit from traditional talk and group therapies, others need more innovative styles of treatment. Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, (DBT) helps develop skills to identify and manage difficult emotions. For people who struggle with addictions, this approach significantly benefits individuals in developing healthy behaviors and establishing healthier mindsets.


Taking Your First Step

Taking your first step toward recovery is undeniably brave. Take back control of your life and reach out to First Step Center of Scottsdale, Arizona today. For optimal results and addiction therapy services, contact First Step Center at 866.832.6398 to take advantage of our addiction therapy and diverse mental health programs.