History can tell us that drug addiction has plagued one society to the next. It’s a battle that brings too many enemies and not near enough solutions. In reality, we are all better off accepting the fact drug addiction is going to affect a certain percentage of the population. Addiction doesn’t discriminate — it happens to both sexes. Gender-specific rehab can be extremely beneficial to recovery. Our women’s drug rehab center has a program to cater specifically to the needs of women

The Importance of a Separate Women’s Drug Rehab Centerfemale doctor discussing a womens drug rehab center with her female patient

We hear about it all the time in our women’s drug rehab center in Scottsdale, AZ. Before coming to our women’s drug rehab center, they try to stop on their own. They attempt to beat their addiction, using self-help methods people are offering up on the Internet. Basically, they attempt anything they can to avoid the only real solution they have. 

By the time a woman enters a women’s drug rehab center, something has spurred them to seek help finally. The process usually starts with an assessment process to determine which treatment options make the most sense. Therefore, if a client enters a heroin addiction treatment program, their treatment will focus on things they are going to need.

In most cases, treatment will start with detox. The role that a detox program plays in recovery is vital. The client needs a place as well as time to work through their withdrawal symptoms as safely as possible. A successful detox program sets the path towards a healthy recovery.

The next step in the process is counseling and therapy. With the help of a counselor, the client sets out on a journey of self-discovery. The target is the causes of the addiction, and the solutions usually include the client developing better life skills to cope with triggers and stress.

Why a Specific Women’s Drug Rehab Center?

Like many things, women and men handle addiction and recovery differently. For example, women may be more likely to crave drugs and relapse when they’ve tried to stop. The way they use and react to drugs is often different from men. Therefore, it makes sense to have different treatment methods for both genders.

In addition, it’s easier to feel comfortable when it’s women with their direct peers. When it comes to things like group therapy programs and sharing their experience, it’s important that they’re in an environment that encourages that. Women tend to be more willing to open up to other women instead of men or a mixed group of both.

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