Should you seek help for a drinking problem at a men and women’s alcohol rehab center? Conversely, would it make more sense to undergo gender-specific treatment at a dedicated facility? When it comes to recovery, one size doesn’t fit all. Here’s what you need to know about First Step Center of Arizona’s approach to rehab.

Why There Needs to be a Stand-Alone Women’s Alcohol Rehab Centertroubled woman with her head on her hand talking to female doctor at a womens alcohol rehab center

Men and women experience alcohol abuse differently. For women, it develops more rapidly. Besides that, they hesitate longer to seek help. That’s because society stigmatizes alcohol abuse in women.

At a women’s alcohol rehab center, therapists understand the struggles their clients face. Therefore, they can effectively assist them with regaining sobriety. For men, alcohol abuse doesn’t look the same. Society mostly turns a blind eye to it.

The Arizona substance abuse treatment programs men trust must focus on the unique character alcohol abuse takes in their lives. For some, peers consider it a badge of honor when a man can hold his liquor. What your friends fail to understand is that you’re developing a physical tolerance to the drug.

For others, there’s the peer pressure to drink. Even if you don’t feel like drinking, you want to be one of the guys. This means keeping up with alcohol consumption. Before long, you drink for the effects such as intoxication.

That’s why enrollment at a men and women’s alcohol rehab center Scottsdale, AZ locals might call isn’t your only option. At First Step Center of Arizona, all programs focus on your unique experience with the drug. There’s no generalization of the care approach to suit both genders.

How Treatments Help You Pursue Recovery

Another difference between a men’s and women’s alcohol rehab center is the combination of modalities. Some treatments have a unique male appeal. Case in point is exposure response prevention therapy, which helps you focus on facing your fears. It’s not something that men typically experience.

At First Step Center of Arizona, you have the opportunity to confront your demons openly and honestly. What drives you? What makes you choose one action over another? For clients with a history of OCD, this treatment can be a complete game-changer.

Other modalities might include:

Family therapy is another way that a men’s program differentiates itself from a women’s alcohol rehab center. At a women’s alcohol rehab center Scottsdale, AZ locals might go to, the emphasis will be on maintaining the unit. It typically involves husbands and children.

At a men’s facility, the term family is far more loosely applied. Your family may consist of parents, a partner, or a group of peers. These are the individuals whom you are to closest to. Therefore, family therapy may take on a unique look.

Of course, you may also engage in traditional family therapy that involves your spouse and children. However, because of the role differentiation within the unit, there will be differences in the treatment approach. Once again, one size doesn’t fit all. You and your therapist have to decide ahead of time if a conventional role setup is right for you.

Getting the Treatment You Need

Instead of searching for a men and women’s alcohol rehab center Scottsdale, AZ can count on, focus on single-gender treatment. Each modality has a distinct infusion with the type of care that men respond to. Most importantly, you learn how to prevent relapse in a way that women would at a women’s alcohol rehab center. Contact First Step Center of Arizona at 866.832.6398 today for immediate assistance.