For many individuals, addiction happens unexpectedly. When you use an addictive substance for the first time, you don’t plan on developing a chemical dependency. Most importantly, you thought you were in control. Recent developments prove that those suffering from addiction need the prescription drug addiction treatment that First Step Center provides for men. Through a partial hospitalization program, individuals can begin turning their life around.

Who Needs Prescription Drug Addiction Treatment?

women talking about prescription drug addiction treatment programThe prescription drug addiction treatment program at First Step Center helps those abusing medications. Maybe you received these drugs from a doctor. You underwent surgery or had an injury that caused pain. Afterward, the doctor gave you pain pills to help you overcome the discomfort.

You took the prescriptions following your doctor’s orders. However, over time, your body developed a tolerance. Therefore, you increased the dose. Now, you can’t stop taking the pills because of the withdrawal symptoms.

Prescription drug addiction treatment also helps men and women struggling with opioid drug addiction as well. You bought them from friends or family members. Eventually, you bought the pills on the street or online because you liked the way they made you feel.

Of course, treatment doesn’t limit itself to opioids. Program participants also abuse so-called smart drugs, which are typically ADHD medications. Other medicines with addiction potential include benzos. No matter what prescription you’re struggling with, there’s a prescription drug addiction treatment program for you.

What Happens in Treatment?

Many think that you sit around with peers and talk about drug abuse. While group therapy is a part of prescription drug addiction treatment, it’s not the only treatment modality. Furthermore, therapists at First Step Center place a lot of emphasis on helping you individually. Peer support and feedback are vital, but one-on-one talk therapy can be the deciding factor in healing.

One of the first things you do at the treatment center is undergoing a dual diagnosis assessment. Most people abuse prescriptions to help deal with an underlying mental health issue. For some, it’s depression, anxiety, or OCD. For others, it’s a personality disorder or schizophrenia.

Typical therapeutic interventions include:

Experiential Treatments Add a Peer Component

Your prescription drug addiction treatment would be incomplete with experiential therapies. At most rehab centers, you might encounter art or music therapy. However, these modalities don’t always appeal to everyone. That’s why First Step Center of Arizona also developed fitness therapy.

In fitness therapy, you work with trainers and interact with your peers as you develop your physical fitness. There’s friendly competition. Besides that, you learn about your motivation to heal. As you communicate with others, you practice coping skills that you’ve been talking about to your therapist.

Residential or Partial Hospitalization is the Answer for Busy Program Participants

If you have a demanding job, it may be difficult to take time off or step away from your responsibilities for recovery. Executive rehab at the First Step Center is the solution. A business center lets you stay informed and connected as you undergo treatment.

Nobody at your job knows where you’re checking in from. You undergo prescription drug addiction treatment on an inpatient or part-time basis. Isn’t it time to take the first step and make a lasting change in your life today? Learn more about our unique approach to healing and contact First Step Center at 866.832.6398.