Opioid addiction is a significant concern in the United States because it’s so widespread. This disease develops as a result of abusing drugs in this class, such as OxyContin. Fortunately, OxyContin addiction treatment is available to those who need it.

About OxyContin and the Potential for Addiction

prescription pill bottles for oxycontin addiction treatment programAlthough there are many prescription opioids, doctors mainly use them to treat pain. Oxycodone is one of these painkillers, and OxyContin is a brand that contains this ingredient. It’s a 12-hour, extended-release formula, so people only take it twice a day to relieve pain.

Even when they follow their prescriptions, they’re at risk of developing an addiction. However, others develop addictions because they use OxyContin as a recreational drug. They might crush the tablets and snort the powder or dilute it to make an injectable solution. In any case, enrolling in an OxyContin addiction treatment program is the safest way to recover.

The addiction develops because the drug acts on the central nervous system to change how the brain perceives pain. People who use it can develop a tolerance in just two weeks. As tolerance increases, they need larger doses to feel the same effects. Increasing the dose raises the risk of addiction and overdose.

It’s important for people to get OxyContin addiction treatment to protect themselves and those around them. Addiction doesn’t just affect them. It has an impact on everyone who has a relationship with them. The disease can even lead to organ damage and death.

Care Options for Oxy Treatment

How long people stay in rehab for OxyContin addiction depends on the seriousness of their condition. In general, though, they have a better chance of maintaining recovery when they get extended treatment.

Also, the specific services that people receive in an OxyContin addiction treatment program depend on their unique needs. For that reason, a rehab center uses a variety of methods for recovery. It can determine the best treatments after performing an assessment.

Despite that, the initial stage of treatment is detox. Then, many people still need medication-assisted treatment. This approach involves taking medicines to control lingering withdrawal symptoms and cravings during rehab. With symptoms and cravings under control, they can focus better on learning and healing.

Like other addiction treatment, the cornerstone of OxyContin addiction treatment is therapy. One of the most common and effective counseling strategies is cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). During these sessions, therapists work with people to identify the negative emotions and thoughts that lead to their drug abuse. Then, they work on changing these negative elements to eliminate drug abuse behavior.

As part of an OxyContin addiction treatment program, CBT therapists also help people develop recovery skills. By avoiding triggers and using these skills, they can prevent relapse.

However, CBT isn’t the only counseling method that a rehab center offers. Some other OxyContin addiction treatment therapies include:

End OxyContin Addiction With Help From First Step Center of Arizona

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As part of our goal to help you heal, you’ll receive dual diagnosis treatment too. This service allows First Step Center of Arizona to detect and treat other mental health disorders. The reason why we offer it is that co-occurring illnesses are very common in combination with addiction. Treating them at the same time will reduce your risk for relapse.

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