No matter your age, occupation, gender, or economic status, addiction can affect you or a loved one. Unfortunately, many people in high-stress jobs, such as business executives, doctors, lawyers, entrepreneurs become victims of substance abuse. Luckily, an executive rehab offers a dynamic, custom-fit program to provide clients with the chance to overcome addiction and return to their careers equipped with the tools they need to better manage their personal and professional lives.

What Is Executive Rehab?

Individuals in executive roles are the cornerstones of their companies. Executives carry high loads of responsibility that eventually take a toll on the mind and body. Due to these high demands, it can be a challenging pursuit to establish an effective balance, especially when there are other underlying conditions.

executive rehab for professionals first step center of arizona

In the wake of high-stress work-loads, drugs and/or alcohol can quickly become a means to cope. Coupled with a fear of leaving responsibilities related to high-profile positions, many men become blinded by the pressure and resist perceiving their dire need for professional help.

In rehab for professionals, individuals with high-level positions receive executive rehab care tailored to address the multi-dimensional demands of their high-profile positions and lifestyles. Specific programming aids in addressing common events, relationships, unhealthy behavior, psychological patterns, and emotional triggers executives experience. After identifying the root causes of imbalance, addiction specialists will help clients create a roadmap integral to improve overall psychological and physical well-being and initiate a successful plan for recovery.

Working In Rehab

What differentiates an executive rehab from other rehab programs is its focus in helping clients maintain a level of presence and connection to their employment while in rehab. Typically, rehab centers ask residents to leave behind their cell phones and only contact loved ones through program-facilitated phone calls and sessions. However, an executive rehab is designed to minimize total employment disruption while completing rehabilitation.

Rehab for Professionals at the First Step Center

At the First Step Center of Scottsdale, Arizona, we offer executives access to an on-site business center with internet access, agency computers and printers. This on-site business space is monitored and scheduled by the treatment team. Scheduled access to the business center provides clients with an effective solution to receive the necessary addiction treatment at a crucial point in their life while still maintaining a presence in the work environment.

First Step Center has developed an important solution for professional workmen, so they may remain productive during rehab. First Step Center’s rehab for professionals assists the business executive in redefining a healthy balance between work and family life in order to achieve a successful recovery.

Remaining connected during rehab allows individuals to not feel as though they are abandoning their responsibilities. For individuals with high-profile and/or high-caliber public reputations, maintaining anonymity while in treatment is critical. Without the concern of having to commit to having no contact with the outside world, professionals can rest assure that executive rehab allows them to preserve a private life while getting the help they need.

A well-designed rehab for professionals provides time to engage in the work environment as part of treatment. Due to the severity of addiction, treatment takes precedence. Yet, with the guidance of the treatment team, some time is scheduled for clients to engage with their place of employment.

After Rehab

A rehab for professionals provides business executives with the opportunity for a smooth transition back to their jobs. Since they remained connected to some key responsibilities while in treatment, their return to work becomes much more manageable. In addition, clients will have gained crucial skills needed to lead fulfilling, productive, and meaningful lives.

While in treatment, clients work with the addiction treatment staff in male-specific addiction therapy services offered during the program. The skills they learn will translate to the client’s real-world environment. Some of the resources found in an executive rehab may include:

  • How to engage and use outpatient counseling effectively
  • Diagnosis of co-occurring issues underlying addiction and how to effectively address them
  • How to engage and use the 12 Step program and 12 Step Community effectively
  • How to find a 12 Step Sponsor for guidance and to maintain accountability for long-term sobriety
  • Identifying ways to manage stressful situations and difficult emotions
  • Playing a sport or exercising regularly for personal enjoyment
  • How to participate in family activities for enjoyment
  • How to enrich one’s relationship with a spouse, significant other and friends
  • Finding a soothing activity for enhancing the quality of life such as Yoga, painting or playing a musical instrument
  • Starting a new sport or hobby

By the time an executive completes a dedicated rehab for professionals, they are further equipped with understanding the personal vulnerabilities substance them to higher incidents of stress and self-medicating. By working hard in treatment, the business professional can learn new habits and skills that will enhance both a quality of life and successful career.

If you or your loved one is ready to begin a successful journey into recovery, contact the First Step Center of Arizona today at 866.832.6398. We can help you take those first steps toward a healthier life and successful career, so call us now.