For most age groups in the United States, men experience dependence on drugs or alcohol more frequently than women, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse. In general, men and women use, respond, and suffer unique effects from drug and alcohol use, which makes gender-specific treatment critical to the success of recovery. Because of these diverse needs, First Step Center offers a men’s drug rehab program uniquely designed to provide quality care for mature men.

What Is a Men’s Drug Rehab Program?

Many facilities offer co-ed rehab programs that treat men and women together. These coed drug rehab programs have men and women commingling in the daily groups and education classes. For many men, this is uncomfortable and can become a distraction from focusing on the elements of recovery. A men’s drug rehab program is a program that focuses on the unique ways that substance abuse affects men and creates an environment they can feel safe openly communicating and sharing thoughts and feelings surrounding drug or alcohol use and recovery.

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Benefits of Men’s Drug Rehab Center

In a dedicated men’s drug rehab program, the only clients in the facility are men. Being an exclusively male program allows clients to participate in group therapy activities within a male-centric culture.

Some men have traumatic experiences that are difficult to speak about. Participating in a men’s drug rehab program creates a culture that makes talking about difficult subjects easier. Being around men who are going through similar experiences provides a space of relatability where men are less likely to feel judged or hindered from openly communicating, an essential part of effective recovery.

Men who understand what other clients are going through can help provide support and ease when approaching challenging situations. Men also gain confidence in their recovery when they can serve as mentors of support and guidance for other men. In this case, both parties benefit from this exchange in a men’s drug rehab program.

Activities In a Men’s Drug Rehab Program

A men’s drug rehab center may offer similar programs to other rehab facilities. However, a dedicated men’s drug rehab center is better tailored to engage men’s interests and/or strengths. Some examples of programs in a men’s drug rehab include:

These programs and amenities can help men explore the causes of their addictions and identify how to overcome their personal triggers in the future.

Life After Recovery

After leaving a men’s drug rehab center, men can rely on the techniques, skills, and coping mechanisms they learned in treatment to prevent relapse. Often, men struggle with underlying mental health disorders and/or environmental stress. Both challenging issues can lead men to cope through substance abuse. A men’s drug rehab program provides clients with the tools they need to deal with these daily stressors without turning to substance abuse.

Additionally, men are more likely to create recovery-minded friendships and support systems in a men’s drug rehab center. These healthy relationships and support systems can extend outside of the treatment program and become valuable support systems for life.

Treatment at First Step Center

The First Step Center is an Arizona drug and alcohol rehab center that offers a men’s drug rehab center exclusively for men. In addition to this program, we also offer other substance abuse programs, including:

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