There are a number of dangerous drugs on the streets. However, some are on the rise in terms of popularity. One such drug is heroin. Due to an increase in demand, the need for heroin addiction treatment is at an all-time high. From residential options to an Arizona partial hospitalization program, it’s vital to examine your options for treatment.

What Is Heroin?

women talking about heroin addiction treatment programTo fully understand how dangerous heroin is, people have to know about the drug. It’s a very destructive drug that comes from the poppy plant. As an opiate, it affects the opioid receptors in the brain. These are the same receptors that are responsible for transmitting and receiving pain signals throughout the body.

Heroin works similarly to prescription pain pills. While both are addictive, heroin is far more addictive than prescription pain medications. In fact, it’s more addictive than morphine. For this reason, finding a good heroin addiction treatment program is of the utmost importance.

How Do People Use Heroin?

People can use heroin in several ways, and their method of use affects their level of addiction. For example, taking the drug orally isn’t as addictive as injecting the drug directly into a vein. Smoking heroin is also a method of use.

Injecting heroin is the most dangerous and most common way to use the drug. It increases the chances of not only developing an addiction but also suffering an overdose. When injecting heroin, people experience direct damage to their veins, as well.

Heroin Addiction Treatment

How do people go about treating heroin addiction? Before they can find a heroin addiction treatment program, they must admit that they need treatment. Thankfully, warning signs indicate when they need heroin addiction treatment. From here, they can begin to search for substance abuse treatment programs that can help.

Heroin Abuse Warning Signs

One clue that people have heroin addiction is track marks on their arms. Track marks develop from intravenous drug use. When individuals inject the substance into their veins, it leaves small scars and wounds. These scars are known as track marks.

People who abuse heroin also tend to lose their ambition because the drug puts them in a relaxed state. This effect makes them sleepy and eat less, too, so they may become dangerously thin.

Heroin Treatment Options

Heroin addiction isn’t an easy problem to overcome. That’s why it’s so important for people to seek a heroin addiction treatment program. Because of the drug’s addictive nature, it’s best for people to start at a residential treatment center. It provides around-the-clock support and allows them to live in a drug-free environment.

Cognitive behavioral therapy is very beneficial for people who struggle with heroin addiction. The goal is to change people’s behaviors and lifestyles. The idea behind it is that certain behaviors and thought patterns lead to drug abuse. Changing these behaviors and ways of thinking can aid the journey to recovery and beyond.

First Step Center of Arizona Can Help You With Heroin Addiction and More

At First Step Center of Arizona, we help people just like you find heroin addiction treatment that they can count on. Our heroin addiction treatment program focuses on the needs of all genders allowing us to create personalized treatment plans. This aspect makes it easier for you to recover from mental health problems such as addiction.

With that said, we offer much more than just heroin addiction treatment. We treat several mental health conditions, including anxiety and depression. In fact, we’re a dual diagnosis treatment center. Some of the other programs that we offer include:

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