The opioid addiction ravaging the country is due largely, in part, to fentanyl addiction. This is occurring despite billions of dollars the government devotes to the problem. Overdose and deaths will continue to increase without effective fentanyl addiction treatment.

This habit-forming prescription painkiller can lead to addiction even when a person takes the medication as prescribed. A fentanyl addiction treatment program can help if they start abusing the drug. Seeking professional treatment gives the person a chance to avoid dangerous consequences.

Traveling the Fentanyl Addiction Treatment Road to Recovery

fentanyl addiction treatment program first step centerThere is no quick fix in a fentanyl addiction treatment program. Bouncing back is longer than an overnight ordeal. It could take some people a year to go through treatment for their dependency. Yet, a comprehensive treatment plan offers positive outcomes when a person is committed to getting better.

Treatment usually begins with the detoxification process. Withdrawal from the drug can come with intense symptoms. A medically supervised detox facility can safely remove all traces of the drug from the person’s system.

Completing this part takes a person into the long process of prescription drug addiction treatment. Particularly, the intensity of their addiction may indicate that a residential treatment program is best.

Outpatient and intensive outpatient are two more levels of fentanyl addiction treatment. Intensive outpatient gives clients some independence while also spending time at an addiction facility for treatment. Generally, they live at home or in a sober living community. Clients in outpatient programs devote less time than those in IOP as they begin transitioning back into everyday routines.

Therapy is also helpful for the long process of fentanyl addiction treatment. Individual and group sessions can help a person improve areas of a person’s life that were destroyed by their addiction. This includes repairing broken relationships.

Holistic approaches are also treatment options. Stress and anxiety are common for people addicted to drugs. Yoga and meditation can help them learn better ways of coping with stress without reaching for fentanyl.

Generally, most facilities also offer some type of aftercare program. This continued care helps a person put the learned relapse prevention skills into practice. It also provides a well-rounded fentanyl addiction treatment program.

Comprehensive care is the best way to address co-occurring mental health disorders and substance use.

Benefits of Receiving Fentanyl Addiction Treatment

A greater chance for a successful recovery and long-term sobriety highlight the benefits of getting professional help. Fentanyl is extremely dangerous for a person. Support from family and a fentanyl addiction treatment program can help identify underlying causes.

Treatment Reduces Risk of Overdose

This is the most important benefit of getting professional treatment. A person also benefits from seeking treatment before their abuse of the drug turns into an addiction.

Treatment Manages Withdrawal Symptoms

The risk of failure and relapse is high for anyone who tries to stop without professional support. Cravings for fentanyl and withdrawal symptoms become so intense that a person will start using to end the discomfort. Often, the cycle of fentanyl abuse starts again.

Treatment Identifies the Existence of Mental Illness

A professional program for the abuse and addiction of fentanyl will include a dual diagnosis screening. Mental illnesses often co-occur with substance abuse. Addressing both simultaneously makes treatment more successful.

Start Your Journey with Fentanyl Addiction Treatment Today

Addiction to fentanyl is a very serious illness. Overuse of the drug rewires the brain and makes stopping without professional help nearly impossible. First Step Center is here to make sure you don’t have to try. We offer long-term treatments so you can learn to live without fentanyl.

Our mens drug rehab center has comprehensive, individualized plans for treatment such as:

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