Cocaine has long had a reputation of being prevalent among the upper-echelons of society. It’s the drug for the high roller or business exec. As an energy-boosting stimulant, it’s often used to increase productivity in order to keep up with the competition. Yet, not only is cocaine illegal, it’s also a highly addictive substance that can be fatal in as little as one dose. As a business professional with a cocaine addiction, you may consider an executive rehab center for help. In fact, according to the National Institute of Drug Abuse, in 2017, cocaine was responsible for more than 14,000 deaths. Like any other addictive substance, cocaine will eventually hijack a person’s life. In order to free oneself from this addiction, entering a cocaine addiction treatment center that offers integrated treatment offers the best chance at restoring a life.

What Is Cocaine?

friends talking about the cocaine addiction treatment programCocaine is a potent and addictive stimulant. On the street, dealers typically sell it as a white, fine powder. It also can be cooked up with other chemicals in order to form a smokable rock called crack.

Cocaine can be snorted, rubbed along the gum lines (to numb them), or dissolved in water or alcohol and injected directly into the veins. Depending on the method of ingestion, a user’s high will vary in severity.

Dangers of Using and Abusing Cocaine

Cocaine use often begins by snorting a few lines at a party. After experiencing the burst of euphoria, a person may then begin to seek out the drug. This is especially dangerous in situations where another mental illness is present. When cocaine is ingested it activates the reward center of the brain, causing a release of dopamine that ignites feelings of pleasure and extreme happiness.

As with other substances, as the frequency and dosage of cocaine increases, a person’s life will begin to spiral out of control. Cocaine is very addictive. It doesn’t take people long to develop a craving for it once they start using it. When addiction sets in, it’s hard for them to stop using the drug even if it causes them physical and mental harm. In this case, checking into a cocaine addiction treatment program could be integral to save a life. Here, you will find a range of substance abuse treatment programs that can help you find your way back to a healthy life.

Cocaine and Health

Respiratory issues are common among people suffering from cocaine abuse. As a stimulant, the drug makes the heart beat faster. This effect not only raises people’s internal body temperatures but also puts significant strain on their hearts and could potentially lead to a heart attack, stroke, or seizure. Finding recovery through a cocaine addiction treatment program could help prevent these life-threatening consequences.

Cocaine Addiction Treatment

Cocaine addiction treatment requires more than just treating the problem itself. A substance use disorder often develops in tandem with other mental illnesses, such as anxiety, PTSD, or depression. Regardless of what came first, in order to best treat both the addiction and mental illness a cocaine addiction treatment program that offers dual diagnosis treatment provides the best chance at total recovery.

Treating these underlying mental disorders is just as important as managing the addiction itself. After all, sometimes these underlying issues lead to addiction because people self-medicate to cope with the adverse symptoms. Failure to address these mental disorders can lead to relapse after they receive treatment.

Cocaine Use Can Lead to Even More Dangerous Substance Abuse

Cocaine use is expensive, so people generally can’t afford to keep up the habit for long. When this happens, they turn to other drugs that are cheaper. Unfortunately, cheaper drugs can be the most dangerous.

In terms of cheaper stimulants, the go-to drug is usually meth. This very dangerous substance can lead to addiction after just one use.

Let First Step Center of Arizona Provide Treatment That You Can Count On

At First Step Center of Arizona, we’re more than just a rehab center. We’re a dual diagnosis treatment facility that commits to the overall well-being of its clients. Our cocaine addiction treatment program includes dual diagnosis treatment and mental health addiction therapy services.

However, First Step Center of Arizona offers more than just cocaine addiction treatment. In fact, we have a wide range of services to help people with behavioral health problems. We make it our mission to create a unique plan of treatment for every client. Some of our programs and services include:

Don’t let your addiction send you down the wrong path. Let us provide the cocaine addiction treatment that you need. Contact First Step Center of Arizona today at 866.832.6398 for more information about our facility.