24-hour care is essential during the addiction recovery process. It helps you concentrate on your recovery while people surrounding you offer care and show compassion. 24-hour nursing at First Step Center is uniquely designed to provide gender-specific quality care to men struggling with addiction. Furthermore, dual diagnosis treatment can help reveal any underlying conditions at our men’s drug rehab center in Arizona.

Man receiving 24 hour nursing care at our mens rehab center

Why Choose 24-Hour Care?

Enrolling for a treatment program that offers you 24-hour care helps you regain freedom over your life and live a happier healthy life. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, men experience dependence on drugs more frequently as compared to women. Therefore, they need a gender-responsive Arizona men’s rehab center to help them overcome their dependency.

The Importance of 24-Hour Care

Men struggling with substance use disorders and mental health disorders require 24-hour care and attention to set a solid foundation for recovery. Moreover, the specialized attention increases the chances of long-term recovery. It helps in ensuring that there are monitoring and supervision of every stage of recovery. Hence, ensuring proper planning from our experienced addiction treatment staff members contributes to quick improvement of dependency on drugs as well as improved behavioral health.

24-care during our men’s substance abuse treatment programs helps clients:

  • Learn tips for relapse prevention
  • Feel safe and comfortable during the addiction treatment process
  • Avoid triggers, negative influences, and distraction
  • Recognize that they have a strong support system

At First Step Center, we offer 24-hour nursing care to ensure you get the help you deserve. We provide that you are not alone in the journey to recovery from substance abuse dependency and mental illnesses.

What Happens After Residential Addiction Treatment Programs?

Going through residential addiction treatment won’t magically undo years of substance abuse. For this reason, many men step down into our intensive outpatient program. This level of care allows men to still undergo valuable individual and group therapy sessions while still having the flexibility to attend to everyday life.

How First Step Center in Arizona Can Help You

Our dedicated team of specialists will guide you along the recovery journey and provide you individualized addiction treatment. We’re equipped to readily attend to your needs and monitor your recovery process to guard against any complications.

Along with 24-hour nursing care at our Scottsdale, AZ residential addiction treatment center, we also offer:

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