First Step Center in Scottsdale, AZ is proud to announce our new in-house chef and nutritional expert, Chef Michael Compean. He brings several years of culinary experience to First Step, allowing us to provide our clients with fresh, nutritious meals and nutritional knowledge they can carry with them throughout recovery. Continue reading to learn more about Chef Michael Compean.

About Chef Michael Compean

about chef michael compean sitting at a tableA California native, Chef Compean began his culinary career when he was just a child. By the time he was 20 years old, he already knew that cooking was his passion. His career began at La Valencia Hotel as a pastry chef, just two years after graduating from high school. From there, he worked at several California restaurants, including Mr. A’s in San Diego and The Argyle Hotel in Hollywood.

After a brief stint as a pastry chef in Budapest, he returned to the United States and worked at Lambert’s Cove in Martha’s Vineyard. He was also a featured competitor on Food Network’s Chopped. However, Chef Compean’s life hasn’t always been this glamorous. A key fact about Chef Michael Compean and his journey is that he also struggled with addiction.

In our video, How to Stop Drinking, Chef Compean shares his story with addiction and his recovery journey. He uses his personal experience with recovery and his skills as an accomplished chef to help others on their own recovery journeys. Now, as part of the First Step team, he brings his years of expertise and compassion to our clients.

To learn more about Chef Michael Compean and his addiction journey, check out our video blow.

Addiction and Nutrition

A key aspect about Chef Michael Compean is that he believes strongly in the importance of nutrition in addiction recovery. A person’s diet is the foundation of their health. If they’re not eating healthy, their body will not function properly, and this will slow them down in recovery. This can also affect their mood and mental health.

By maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle, people in recovery are more likely to maintain lasting sobriety. This is especially true for those just beginning their recovery journeys. In addiction, it’s common for nutrition and health to fall through the crack. By beginning treatment at First Step Center, we can help you realign your nutritional and physical health. Chef Compean will show clients how to eat healthy during treatment, and how to prepare these foods for themselves after leaving the facility.

Begin Recovery with First Step Center

If you’re ready to begin your recovery journey, then contact First Step Center in Scottsdale, AZ. Along with learning about Chef Michael Compean and nutritional education, you’ll also learn coping skills for relapse prevention and recovery.

At First Step, we believe in addressing every part of a client’s life. Therefore, we offer dual diagnosis treatment and trauma therapy. By supporting our clients mentally, physically, and spiritually, we can promote a strong start to recovery.

To learn more about Chef Michael Compean and First Step Center, call us today at 8668326398.