Addiction is a complex, devastating disease that consumes all aspects of a person’s life. Making the decision to get help can be one of the most difficult steps. Luckily, the team at First Step Center of Scottdale, Arizona understands this challenge and offers a varied program to help clients ease into their recovery journey.

Our Mission

First Step Center’s mission is to provide client-centered, trauma-informed, holistic treatment utilizing evidence based practices in order to address an individual’s recovery process. We strive to guide each individual, including their family, throughout the recovery process with the goal of lifelong sobriety and healthy living.

The goal of our treatment programs and addiction specialists is to provide the personalized, intensive, and effective continuum of care necessary to affect healing in our clients. We believe that our team’s expertise in the treatment of addiction will greatly benefit you or your loved one in overcoming addictions, trauma, and co-occurring disorders.

Within the First Step Center program, we believe everyone is capable of a fulfilling and lasting recovery. Through evidence-based addiction and mental health treatment, our residents can gain healthier lives and establish fulfilling and loving relationships.

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A Day at First Step Center

A Full Continuum of Care

When you learn about First Step Center and our substance abuse treatment center in Scottsdale, Arizona, you’ll find that we employ a variety of treatment professionals to provide our clients with a full continuum of care. On staff, we have an addiction specialist medicine medical director, licensed Masters level therapists, 24-hour behavioral health technicians, licensed Practical Nurse and a registered dietician. Our clients work with all staff members to address various aspects of their recovery in order to experience the benefits of a comprehensive approach to treatment.

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Treatment

Mental health and addiction are deeply interwoven which make them difficult, if not impossible, to treat individually. At First Step Center of Arizona, each client receives a dual diagnosis assessment upon admission. The multidimensional treatment is designed to address their unique mental health and substance abuse issues.

In addition, First Step Center programs have been developed with a variety of evidence-based substance abuse treatments and mental health interventions in order to best serve clients. The First Step Center program includes:

  • Individual, group, and family therapy
  • 12 Step support and Smart Recovery
  • Family Meal and Nutrition support
  • Professional business centers on site
  • Trauma therapy
  • Brain therapy
  • Sports and Activities therapy and recreation

Our professional addiction treatment staff will work with you to determine how to best meet your needs at First Step Center.

Luxury Rehab

In addition to comprehensive, professional, and effective treatment modalities, learning about First Step Center of Arizona also involves learning about our luxury rehab center. With the stunning backdrop of the historic Pinnacle Peak mountain, First Step Center staff have developed a state-of-the-art program in a comfortable home setting.

Clients may enjoy a variety of amenities unique to the First Step Center programs such as a:

  • Professional business center to help clients remain moderately connected to their professions
  • Brain therapy program to enhance cognitive strengths
  • Certified therapy dog for support and to aid in decreasing stress
  • Spa and variety of sport/recreation amenities for enhancing active relaxation

Taking Your First Steps

If you are or your loved one is ready to take the first steps in recovery, call First Step Center of Scottsdale, Arizona. We’re ready to guide you during those challenging first steps to a happier, healthier, and more fulfilling sober life. Contact First Step Center today at 866.832.6398.